Digital Marketing Packages

Monthly Packages

10 points in one category/ industry $2000

20 points in one category/ industry $3000

30 points in one category/ industry $4000

40 points in one category/ industry $5000

50 points in one category/ industry $6000

* Larger packages available by custom proposal based on keywords and competitors

Cost Per Point Breakdown




Point System Breakdown

1 point = 1 target page with area population -100,000

3 points = 1 target page with area population 100,000 – 350,000

4 points = 1 target page with area population 350,000 – 750,000

5 points = 1 target page with area population of 750,000 – 1M

Population of 1M + must be done by custom proposal

The best formula for choosing a target page’s keyword phrase


“keyword + city”

example: bat removal New York

*Note – This does not mean major keyword phrases in major cities will not rank without direct targeting. Because of our proprietary interlinking process and authority building procedures, the majority of the pages we build end up ranking in top positions. Target pages are just the main pages that we send power to (backlinks), include into news and press, sculpt the on-page content for and build up with supporting content and media. Therefore, the most profitable services in the most prestigious areas should be the target pages.

As as a result of our process, secondary keywords will rank alongside the target keyword phrase. For example, if the target keyword phrase is “Tampa bat removal” the page will be optimized to rank for some of the following variations:

bat removal Tampa, Tampa bat removal, bat removal companies in Tampa, Tampa bat removal companies, bat control Tampa, Tampa bat control services, companies that remove bats in Tampa

Example of our process for a target page

Note* This is ⅓ of our ranking process. The rest of our monthly processes are proprietary and can not be shared

  1. Initial set up* Reconstruct existing page or create a new page with content for the “keyword + city” specifically based on the ranking competitor’s content, structure, keyword percentages, word count etc. 
  2. Initial set up* Create and publish supporting content to further the keyword and location relevance of the target page.
  3. Initial set up* Hand code schema in JSON LD (Google’s structured data) for the target page. Structured Data Testing Tool
  4. Monthly* Once the page is indexed, we drip feed specific types of traffic to the page to justify link building. (Google knows a page without traffic is NOT getting links; how can people link to it if they don’t know it exists)
  5. Monthly* Build backlinks to either the target page, existing links or supporting content pages. 
  6. Monthly* Once indexed and ranking on page one or two, we send real (not bot) mobile search traffic from Google to the target page, to show Google that the individual page satisfies the search query. This is done in a very precise way, as multiple factors will nullify or even penalize the domain when trying to manipulate CTR. 

* Backlink Disclaimer – There is no set number per month for backlinks, this is unnatural and creates footprints as well as unnatural link velocity that the specific keyword phrase may not support. For instance, a page on squirrel removal in a local area is not going to naturally receive 3-5 links monthly. This is where tiered linking is powerful, as it strengthens the existing links, brand links and supporting content pages. This is how authority is built. A link without relevance, traffic or backlinks of its own, is only worth a small percentage of its potential. 

Service Area Page Build-Outs

Along with building out supporting pages, we also build out pages for up to 30 service areas, for your top 5 services. This results in 150 additional pages that will draw in traffic, calls and leads from additional service areas.  With our interlinking process put in place and linking hubs created, these many times rank just as well as the target pages being optimized. For more difficult areas, something as simple as a single backlink with on-page optimization using our competitor analyzation software is all that’s needed to get a huge ranking boost into the top ranking positions.

Google My Business Optimization

12 Mile target area population up to 350,000 $500 Monthly

12 Mile target area population up to 750,000 $750 Monthly

12 Mile target area population up to 1M $1000 Monthly

Population of 1M + must be done by custom proposal

GMB Ranking Process
  1. Complete GMB Optimization
  2. Categories
  3. GMB Business Name Vs. Modifier
  4. Website URL
  5. Service Location Optimization
  6. Single Domain (multi-location) vs. Branded
  7. Google Messaging
  8. 360 Photos
  9. Google Posts
  10. Review Optimization
  11. Review Hashtags
  12. Services and Description
  13. Products
  14. Questions
  15. Insight Tracking
  16. Google My Business Maintenance
  17. Groupon Ads on Google My Business Correction
  18. Website Structure
  19. OnPage Optimization
  20. Schema
  21. Blog Post to GMB Post
  22. Entity/Brand Building
  23. Citations
  24. NAP Address
  25. Press Releases
  26. Entity Validation
  27. Entity Stacking
  28. Google
  29. How Google Sees Your Brand: Machine Readable Entity ID
  30. C-Hubs
  31. Booster Hubs
  32. Power Up For Branded Properties
  33. GMB Linking
  34. Proximity Relevance
  35. Proximity Boost
  36. Traffic Boost
  37. Niche Power Links
  38. Geo Power Links
  39. Facebook Ads For GMB
  40. Geo Based Sites
  41. Niche Based Sites
  42. CID Link Pushing
  43. Google My Business NEWS